Washington, D.C. – In the nation’s capital, home of the original Women’s March following President Trump’s inauguration, several thousand people gathered at beneath the Lincoln Memorial for a rally that reflected on a year of liberal activism and the future of the movement amid widespread revelations about sexual harassment.

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Huddled around the frozen Reflecting Pool, marchers heard speeches from activists and politicians. They expressed a continued need for resistance against a presidency they denounce as racist, sexist, and a consequence of Russian influence.

Saturday’s march occurred on the anniversary of Trump’s election rather than the original march’s date of January 21 – a source of friction with local organizers, who saw it as detracting attention from the 59 activists still charged with riot offenses following inauguration protests.

The anniversary event was organized by March Forward Virginia, a spinoff from the national organization that began as the Women’s March chapter in Virginia. It was part of a broader initiative called Power to the Polls which seeks to register new voters and promote women running for public office in advance of the upcoming midterm elections.

After a short march to the White House, rally-goers laid thousands of signs and banners up against the White House security barrier and in Lafayette Square. Many shared a common desire to transition the annual march’s persistent turnout into a Democratic surge on the polls this November, with messages like “now we vote” and “these snowflakes don’t melt, they vote” adorning the White House fence at the end of the day.

As was the case with the original march, there were no arrests among the thousands who attended, and any tension was limited to brief arguments with sparse anti-abortion groups which set up with large posters at several points along the march path.