On behalf of all of us at the News2Share team, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo to help make our first feature film, Transhuman. If you contribute to our Patreon, you continue to make our work at News2Share possible.

Originally, we estimated that we’d have a copy of Transhuman completed by December of 2017. We were half-right. At this point, a half hour version of the film has been completed, and a much more extensive roster of interviews and experiments that have been filmed will be in a feature version that we plan to complete next year. We also have plans for more coverage and media appearances to make this film’s journey as complete as possible.

The half-hour version of the film has been licensed to One America News Network, but we don’t currently know when/if it will air for sure. They have the rights to air it until January, 2019 at their discretion.

Our Indiegogo (at or above the $10 level) and Patreon contributors (at or above $5 per month) will be sent a private link to the half-hour version of the film. Future Patreon contributors will also get access. Anyone else involved in making the film, please email me at fordfischer@news2share.com to request access.

Our contributors included (in descending order of amount):

Suzanne Spikes (Executive Producer)

Maliha Farrooz (Associate Producer)

*Robert Caputo

Judy Lucca Shane

Marie Lucca

Marc Alain Boucicault

Jeffrey Fischer

Joanna Sobieski (Patreon and Indiegogo)

Jason Casella

Edward Hudgins

Bryce Davis

*Chase Falcon

Christian Conti

Ashton Clapp

*Danny F. Quest

*Jonathan Lloyd

Jessica Halvorsen

Michael Johnston

Dale Aaron

James Rhuda

Adam W Simpson

Zoltan Istvan (Also an advisor on the film)

Chantel Hernandez

*Sara Hiller

*Emily Hubbard

Christopher Engelman

Larry McConnell

Amy Macintyre

Claus Appel

Marc Clair

Adam Kokesh

Justin Horowitz

*Alex Vidal (Patreon and Indiegogo)

*Roy Bell

Guy Southey

Kevin Levy

*Joseph Butensky

Julian Bloom

Volodymyr Alifanov

Nathan Dimoff

Brandon Battle

Joanna Fischer

Transhuman Tees

Anita MonCrief

Shintaro Sasaki

Jeremy Davis

*Patreon Contributors