About 100 alt-right protesters clashed with a brigade of antifa counter-demonstrators today at the White House. The alt-right, which included Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and Matthew Heimbach, advocated for “Kate’s Wall,” a reference to Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant. Antifa proclaimed that they do not support Steinle’s murder, but that “immigrants are welcome here.”

“It’s not just about this one case,” said Eli Mosley, who led Identity Evropa, a prominent white nationalist group, from late August until last week. He quit his post to work with Richard Spencer on a new project.

Although harsh words were exchanged, police barricaded the two sides and swiftly escorted the right-wingers away from the White House. Richard Spencer escaped in a private van, while the others were followed by a police escort into Farragut Square Metro.

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Matthew Heimbach, leader of the National Socialist “Traditionalist Worker’s Party,” said he was happy that the police allowed both sides to speak, as permitted by the US constitution. He then clarified that he only supports the constitution “when it’s convenient.”