Article by Alejandro Alvarez
Video contributed by Heather Mullins

Right-wing and antifa groups faced each other for a second time in Boston on Saturday, as the “Rally for the Republic” brought out hundreds across both sides to Boston Common.

Conservative figures, including Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, organized the rally as part of their ongoing effort to confront suppression of right-wing voices in liberal areas. Organizers Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech held steadfast in the face of a blocked permit from city officials, who cited traffic complications.

“There’s a systematic oppression of people of right-wing thought and ideology, by the city council, the police are involved in it, and the populace is involved in it,” Chapman said, referring to cities like Boston and San Francisco as “Marxist enclaves.” “We have to keep pushing back, wear our MAGA hats, let these people know we’re conservatives, we’re libertarians, we’re nationalists, we’re proud and we’re not going to sit and hide in the shadows just because we’re in a liberal city.”

After marching into the park from City Hall, police funneled about one hundred right-wing supporters past a larger gathering of counter-protesters, including local anti-fascist blocs Bay State Red Sentinels and Bash Back Boston. Dual barriers of concentric fencing and a large contingent of police with bicycles separated the two sides during the rally which lasted about an hour.

“We hope to disrupt this rally, they don’t have anything to say here,” said one masked antifa protester affiliated with Bash Back Boston, a group sharing a name with an anarchist queer collective which dissolved on the national level in 2011. “Boston doesn’t want them. White supremacists are homophones and transphobes, we don’t like them here.”

There were no clashes during Saturday’s event. Boston Police arrested three counter-protesters shortly after the rally concluded. WCVB helicopter footage showed police lifting one protester, dressed in all black, out of the crowd following a brief scuffle. It is unclear what the three protesters were charged with. Over 30 protesters were arrested following clashes at the August free speech rally.

Live Video:

Live video was originally broadcasted on the News2Share Facebook page. You can see an archive of the entire event below:

News2Share’s Heather Mullins spoke with “Rally for the Republic” organizer Brandon Navom and his attorney Ronaldo Delgado after the event. They’re suing Boston for $100 million following the government’s response to a similar rally in August.