Three Protesters Outside White House

Video by Ford Fischer
Article and Photo by Alejandro Alvarez

November 4 had been rife with warnings about a bloody revolution triggered by left-wing extremists. Social media was filled with rumors of an “antifa uprising,” all around an anti-Trump gathering by a decades-old communist group . Ultimately, a grand total of three people turned out in Washington.

To start, some brief background on “Refuse Fascism.” They’re not an antifa group and there isn’t a conspiracy for a hostile takeover of the federal government starting tomorrow. Refuse Fascism is very closely associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party, also called RevCom, both founded by far-left political activist Bob Avakian. The loosely-associated coalition of far-left activists we’ve been referring to as “antifa” typically trend more anarchist, while RevCom advocates for a Maoist revolution. Though it’s very possible the two groups have some crossover in terms of membership, RevCom is not part of the antifa movement, and the group has a history stretching back decades. Notably, some DC-area antifa leaders refused to endorse the November 4 rallies.

Refuse Fascism had been advertising their November 4 event for months as the beginning of the end for the Trump administration. It wasn’t uncommon to be handed a flier advertising the event, or a communist newspaper, at several major left-wing protests in the capital over the last few months. Though Refuse Fascism had promised Occupy-style rallies in almost every major city across the country, oddly enough, Washington itself was left out of that list – an intriguing choice for a protest movement bent on bringing an end to the current government. There, however, a Facebook invite for a related invite that was, until sometime overnight on Friday, hosted by Refuse Fascism itself. As of publishing, it is unclear if the Washington event was officially organized by Refuse Fascism on the same level as others in New York or Austin.