Gary Johnson and activists from the Libertarian and Green parties gathered in front of the Supreme Court to have their case heard that the current rules on who should be allowed in the presidential debates are unfair.

Currently, a presidential candidate must have 15% support to participate; the lawsuit states that a fair standard should be for the candidate to be included on ballots in enough states to potentially win.

In addition to Johnson, Libertarian New York governor candidate Larry Sharpe made the case that all parties benefit from more choice.

Darryl Mooch of the Green Party also participated, adding that “we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.”

Attorney Bruce Fein, a constitutional lawyer who served in the Reagan Administration, and was later involved in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, is leading the lawsuit. He argues that the major political parties operate like a business, and the Commission on Presidential Debates should be forced to include viable third parties to not violate the spirit of antitrust laws.

Johnson spoke to News2Share following the event, where he said that, “I really think that if I were allowed to have been in the debates, I would have been president of the United States.” He went on to confirm that he will not be running for office again.