“Sometimes bad guys hide behind shit.”

That’s what Brandon Herrera, also known as “The AK Guy” told News2Share when asked why he was developing a new, 30+ pound rifle.

Brandon is building the AK-50, a variation of the classic Kalashnikov style of rifles that will fire .50 BMG rounds. The rifle is projected have killing power at 3,000 yards (1.7 miles) away from a given target. The first-of-its-kind weapon will have the power to penetrate through layers of solid material.

Herrera hopes to market the weapon to “friendly foreign militaries,” including NATO member states, as well as civilians.

Brandon Herrera, "The AK Guy"

Brandon Herrera, “The AK Guy”

Chris Baker, a gunsmith working on the project, calls it an “AK on steroids.”

Filmed by Ford Fischer and Alejandro Alvarez
With Footage Courtesy of Brandon Herrera
Edited by Ford Fischer

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