A coalition of protesters from communist, socialist, progressive, and antifascist wings of the left assembled in an anticapitalist block Monday to participate in a May Day march on Washington.

A protester who wished to be identified as Ivy got into a brief scuffle with right-wing media outlet “The Rebel” DC Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec during Monday’s May Day protest. Posobiec used the “ok” symbol with his hand, which has been associated with right-wing values and “Pepe the frog” memes, which caused an altercation between him and Ivy.

He reported the altercation to police, who initially handcuffed Ivy. Police ultimately decided that force was used by both sides and let Ivy go. Ivy may be called to appear in court if a judge later decides to charge them based on the evidence at hand.

Ivy is a gender-nonconforming person. She was marching with a flag dawning blue and pink colors that signify transgenderism, with a communist hammer and sickle symbol in the center.

As the protest reached Freedom Plaza, police detained two individuals involved in a fight. One, a right wing individual passing by, use taunting words and eventually took a flag from a left-wing member of antifa. Both sides allegedly exchanged punches, and a female antifa member allegedly ran off with the man’s phone. Police detained her, and recovered the phone in a portable toilet. Both sides agreed not to press charges.