About a dozen Trump supporters, including nationalist Richard Spencer, met outside the White House on Saturday to voice support for embattled White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

“It’s our view that Bannon is one of the chief people behind the idea of ‘America First,’ said Spencer, founder of the National Police Institute, a think tank advocating white nationalist views. Spencer was joined by a number of other Trump supporters after an online call by Jack Posobiec following Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council and Trump’s recent cruise missile strike on Syria, decried by a number of his most ardent advocates.

“Steve Bannon stands for Main Street, not for Wall Street, not for the globalists,” said Posobiec, “he tends for the American people, the American worker.”

Though a previous event attended by Spencer resulted in clashes with antifacist counterprotesters, Saturday’s “flash mob” was only met by a few black block protesters who did not confront those present. There were no arrests, unlike the first event which News2Share extensively covered.

Filmed by Ford Fischer, Article by Alejandro Alvarez

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