Filmed by Ford Fischer
Photos and Article by Alejandro Alvarez

Over 200 danced through down DC’s Embassy Row in a “queer dance party for climate justice” culminating in a party outside Ivanka Trump’s house in the District’s Kalorama neighborhood.

Activist group WERK for Peace organized the latest in a series of dance actions bringing an LGBT twist to hot political issues, most recently against President Trump’s immigration orders and stance on transgender rights. Saturday’s display of intersectional activism involved a march on Ivanka’s recently-acquired DC residence, as well as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s home near Embassy Row, with the intention of protesting Trump’s recent reversal of several key Obama-era policies on carbon emissions and clean power production.


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Dancers made their way through the streets to Ivanka’s home where many chanted “Ivanka, come dance!” and danced to pop music waving flags and singing while closely watched by a permanent U.S. Secret Service security perimeter set up around the residence.

“Ivanka, come dance,” chanted the jubilant crowd, as several of her neighbors came out to watch the party, some with wine glasses in hand. When Ivanka did not join to dance (notably, her three-story home’s windows were all shuttered and dark), the event’s organizer proclaimed by megaphone into the night: “It looks like Ivanka doesn’t really care about the queer or trans community, does she? What about climate justice?”

To which the crowd replied by chanting: “Complicit!”