“We’re still here, we’re still fighting,” said protesters gathered to oppose Trump’s resurrection of controversial pipeline projects on Tuesday.



More than 200 gathered outside the north gate to the White House late on Tuesday to protest Trump’s resurrection of two controversial oil pipelines shelved under the Obama administration.

Climate activists and members of the indigenous community made a rapid-response call to action almost immediately after Trump’s televised signing of an executive order resuming the Dakota and Keystone pipeline projects. Both pipelines had spurred protests across the country before being rejected by Obama, citing the need for additional environmental impact assessments.

The protest’s Facebook event had gathered over 1,000 RSVPs within hours, with some participants crediting the rapid momentum to increased interest in activism following the Women’s March less than a week earlier.

“Join us tonight as we stand with indigenous leaders and climate activists,” organizers wrote on Facebook, “commit to the fight ahead and show that these pipelines will not be built without a fight.”

Eryn Wise, one of the event’s organizers representing Honor the Earth, led the group through a series of speakers and chants against the pipelines and supporting the indigenous communities they impact. “We stand for water, we stand for life.”

“I told [former Pres. Obama] that until he stood for the youth that he promised life to, that I would keep coming back,” Wise said. “Now I’m here to make that same promise to Donald Trump.”



“We’re still here, we are still fighting,” said Felicia, a member of the Yakama Nation in Washington state. “We are still protecting what we always said we would protect, which are each other, the land, the earth, the water and the sky.

Protest actions continue in the District following last week’s massive demonstrations, albeit smaller. At one point, a separate anti-Trump action organized by RefuseFascism.org detoured from their march through the area and joined with the pipeline protest for chants. Activists with Greenpeace scaled a construction crane on Thursday to unfurl a large banner reading “RESIST” near the White House (see News2Share’s video report on the action).