News2Share is proud to announce Michele Battle-Fisher as co-producer of its upcoming film Transhuman: A Documentary. This News2Share feature-length documentary will focus on transhumanism, a movement of people attempting to evolve themselves and humanity using radical technology.

The film is currently in the fundraising stage, and plans to begin filming on January 27th.

Michele is a self-defined futurist (but not a transhumanist). She is a published systems theorist and bioethscreen-shot-2017-01-06-at-1-49-13-pm icist. As the founder of Orgcomplexity and the author of Applications of Systems Thinking to Health Policy and Public Health Ethics, Michele brings a unique perspective and set of skills that are tailor made to delve into this examination of transhumanism.

She says that “the advent of transhumanism is a story that will continue to evolve with innovation.”

When asked why Michele believes we should start discussing and reporting on transhumanism, she explained:
The world is run by systems that overlap conflict and adapt to social needs over time. In dealing with the uncertainty and risk of the human condition, people seek to “control” that uncertainty (though systems can only be adapted to and not controlled). Enter the advent of transhumanism. As a society built on moral and ethics, we must respond to social movements that seek to deal with unknowns. Where there is chaos, humans seek order. Transhumanism is associated with super-wellness, super-intelligence and super-longevity which are all activities that could usurp our present capabilities. Transhumanism is one response gaining resilience with the inherent requirement to accept uncomfortable risk tolerance to gain huge societal rewards. Therefore, transhumanism cannot be ignored.