News2Share, an online media outlet and film studio, has announced Transhuman, a feature-length documentary on the transhumanist movement – the merging of the human body with new technology to alter or enhance the human experience.

Transhuman will document the seldom-covered, rapidly-emerging frontier of implantable biotechnology and the social, political, and philosophical forces driving it forward. The filmmakers will have special access at Bodyhacking Convention in January 2017 and gain an insider’s perspective on the movement’s central figures. Zoltan Istvan, a leader and 2016 presidential candidate in the emerging Transhumanist Party, has agreed to be an advisor and appear in the film.

Ford Fischer, Transhuman director and N2S co-founder: “This documentary will serve as a first draft of history. While right now transhumanist issues are seen as fringe, they may become an important force in mainstream politics over the next few decades. If issues like bioethics and robotics become a topic of debate among mainstream presidential candidates, historians will look back on films like this one to understand the roots of that movement.”

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-10-31-11-amN2S has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the venture, with perks ranging from a digital copy of the film to a first-hand role in its production. The film is is anticipated to be released inDecember 2017.

N2S encourages the media to cover this project. The film’s director, Ford Fischer, is available for interviews and media appearances. He can be reached at (573) 575-NEWS or