Video by Ford Fischer
Photos by Alejandro Alvarez


Hundreds marched Saturday through downtown Washington, D.C. in the fourth annual “Million Mask March,” an anti-establishment march organized by hactivist group Anonymous in cities across the world every November 5.

Arrests, Fight

Activist Tristan Roberts, 27, was arrested and charged with defacing government property and resisting arrest for spray-painting. Danny Hamilton was charged with destruction of DC Government property and resisting arrest.

Trump Hotel Takeover

Protesters made their way through the city, spray-painting federal property outside the White House, FBI headquarters, and the Capitol, in addition to storming the lobby of the newly-opened Trump International Hotel.

Gifts for the Homeless

Activists said that they participated “to protest corruption, censorship, inequality and war.”

The event wasn’t entirely chaotic. In one calmer moment, as activists passed a homeless man, they gave him food, money, and marijuana


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Livestream at the Capitol

Ford Fischer’s livestream during the period of time when police fought back against protesters taking over the Capitol steps.

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