Black Lives Matter Marches for Fourth Day in a Row

For the fourth day in a row, a major Black Lives Matter event took to the streets of Washington DC, this time covering Union Station and the Capitol in particular. The event was covered live by News2Share’s Alejandro Alvarez and Ford Fischer. This video includes a few highlights:

During the event, Fischer entered a 7-Eleven store two blocks ahead of the crowd. A minute later, someone from the crowd entered the store, picked up a sandwich, and said “fuck you” to the cashier as he left with it. A crowd entered and begin to take soda and other items, and Fischer began recording discreetly. Moments later, more vocal leaders of the local Black Lives Matter movement entered and screamed at them, forcing to leave the business in peace.

According to Fischer, this event is notable as it emphasizes the distinction between Black Lives Matter and those who take advantage of it to commit petty crimes that don’t represent their movement.

Photos from Alejandro Alvarez:

Live Video from Ford Fischer: