Following a reported breach of the Democratic National Committee’s computer servers this week a document titled the “Donald Trump Report” was leaked online.  According to metadata on the leaked document, the research was conducted prior to December 2015 by a strategist named Warren Flood, before Trump’s rise as a candidate from a crowded Republican Primary field.

The document appears to be a compilation of viewpoints and backgrounds on Donald Trump that range from his failed business ventures to his divorce history. Essentially, the report summarizes the Democratic Party’s potential avenues for tarnishing Trump’s image as a businessman, a politician, a family man and a person.

Here are a few highlights of the document:

·         The ‘Top Narratives’ section lists a multifaceted topic list on which Trump can be attacked. Among these sections are arguments such as “Trump has no Core”, is a “bad businessman” and that he will act as a “Misogynist in Chief”.

·         Next is an overview of Trump’s career with specific information on his business ventures, bankruptcies and lawsuits. Concerning recent litigation on Trump University the dossier notes that Trump is quoted as not knowing that there were “… any rules or regulations about using the name university,” as reported by the NBC Nightly News in 2011.

·         The document takes special care to examine Trump’s romantic history, including sections on each of the candidate’s three marriages. According to 20/20 from ABC News in 1990, on fidelity Trump is quoted as saying, “I’m an absolute believer in fidelity. But if a marriage isn’t working that’s a different ball park.”

·         Next is an exhaustive compilation of information on Trump’s background and colorful history. Among these are Trump’s stances on a number of issues like immigration, ISIS and the criminal justice system.

·         On ISIS the report includes sections with titles such as “Trump advocated targeting the families of terrorists to defeat ISIS” and “Trump said he would consider closing mosques to fight ISIS”.

·         The document concludes with a compilation of ‘Trump’s Top Video Clips By Issue’ including links to videos where Trump describes his stances on various political subjects like abortion, civil rights, climate change and the 2nd Amendment.

Trump’s response to the “Donald Trump Report” was that the “information has been out there for many years. Much of it is false and/or entirely inaccurate.” Additionally, Trump claims that the DNC hacked itself as a way to distract from the media attention given to their presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.