Filmed by Ford Fischer & Rudy Fuzaylov
Article by Caleb Vinson

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – With the presumptive G.O.P. nomination in tow, Donald Trump delivered a speech on Friday to an audience at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference aimed at outlining his position on many issues of importance to the traditional Evangelical base of the Republican Party. During the speech, Trump was interrupted by a group of protestors from Codepink: Women for Peace.

Trump examined many issues important to the party base including the spread of radical Islamic terrorism, abortion rights and immigration. During his remarks on the spread of Islamic terrorism, Trump noted his plans to expand the American alliance with Israel and his view that Syrian refugees should not be granted immigration to the United States. Trump also stated his intentions to “uphold the sanctity and dignity of life” by taking a pro-life stance on abortion rights. Finally, the candidate vowed to create a jobs program for inner city communities while also defending Christian Americans from governmental regulation.

Trump also launched attacks at his likely general election opponent Hillary Clinton.  Clinton was attacked on both her policy proposals and her past. Trump criticized her stance on refugees and the profits she and Bill Clinton made by delivering speeches to special interest groups. He also questioned Clinton’s work as Secretary of State by saying that the “Iran deal [was] one of the worst I’ve ever seen” and claiming that she would not attack radical Islam. Additionally, Trump also went after Clinton by stating that she wanted to abolish 2nd Amendment rights for American citizens and by referencing the controversial investigation centered around her private email account.

During Trump’s early remarks, protesters from Codepink, led by activist Alli McCracken, interrupted the candidate’s remarks with chants of “God hates Donald Trump” and “Refugees are welcome here”. The speech was halted for several minutes as the activists were escorted out by event security.