Filmed by Ford Fischer
Article by Caleb Vinson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference Carly Fiorina delivered a speech focused on federalism and her views on the connections between faith and American citizenship. Noticeably absent from Fiorina’s address was an endorsement of the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump, though Fiorina did criticize prominent members of the Democratic Party.

Fiorina opened her remarks by stating that “feminism is… no longer used to enable or empower women” and claiming that the movement has been coopted by presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for political purposes. Fiorina argued that Clinton and other progressive democrats wish to expand the reach of the federal government. She claimed that “progressivism is tyranny of few over many” while naming several progressive Democrats such as President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders and Clinton.

Fiorina continued to explain her opinion on the purpose of government in the United States by stating that America is a nation of equal opportunity. Interspersing personal narratives during her speech, she referenced the nation’s founding documents to make the argument that the rights granted to citizens come from divine authority. Fiorina noted that during her period as a candidate for president she experienced several intimate moments with U.S. citizens. She stated that she witnessed ‘feelings of powerlessness’ in those people she encountered.

As an extension of her criticism of the federal government, Fiorina said that “work brings dignity, family brings purpose and faith brings meaning to our lives” to express her view that every U.S. citizen is equal. She expressed her opinion that power had become too consolidated in the federal government and needed to return to smaller entities like states and individual citizens. Additionally, Fiorina stated her plans to assist in the campaigns of many Republican leaders in November, however, the former Republican candidate did not mention any intent to assist Trump in his bid for president.