The Libertarian Party has selected Gary Johnson as their 2016 presidential nominee. News2Share’s Ford Fischer got a chance to catch up with Johnson:

Austin Petersen, the runner-up for the party’s nomination, told Fischer that he intended to give Johnson a replica of George Washington’s pistol as a show of good faith and endorse him.

Renowned computer scientist John McAfee also ran, and came in third. Before the presidential nomination vote, Ford Fischer got a change to ask him what the internet has taught him about liberty. McAfee explains that the internet has revealed, “Two possible diverging paths: one, the infinite power of the human mind, magnified to this day. Two, the infinite horror of the dark side of humans.”

Fischer goes on to ask McAfee about his vice presidential pick, Judd Weiss, and the new ad released by him telling its viewers to “kill politics.” McAfee defines politics as “those practices and procedures needed to gain power in government and retain power in government.”

“Can you think of a more horrifying concept?” he asked.

The interview concluded as a campaign staffer directed him to a New York Times interview, which he refused.

“I don’t talk to the New York Times,” he told the reporter. “They trashed me three and a half years ago.”