Today Donald Trump supporters gathered in Harrisburg Pennsylvania for a campaign rally at the Farm Show Complex. The Republican frontrunner spoke for over an hour about how he planned to bring jobs to Pennsylvania. Additionally, the real-estate tycoon reviewed his plan to make the Mexican government pay for a wall along the Southern border of the United States.

Livestream interview with Trump supporter from the event:

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At least 12 protesters were arrested during Trump’s speech. Many wore Bernie Sanders T-shirts and held signs calling Trump a ‘racist’ and ‘bigot.’ Some yelled and attempted to interrupt Trump as he spoke on a large stage. All of the Trump protesters were taken to Dauphin County Jail in Harrisburg and charged with ‘disorderly conduct’ before being released with a citation.

Anti-Trump Protester Arrested:

The Pennsylvania Republican primary is on Tuesday and Trump currently has a 20 point lead. If he wins the state, he will widen his lead with an additional 71 delegates ahead of the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer. Follow News2Share on Twitter and Facebook over the Summer for the latest from the convention.