It’s being called the biggest winter storm in a century, but that isn’t going to stop Craig Sterling Thompson from ensuring the perpetual “Peace Vigil” protest at the White House stays manned.

Thompson is part of a small group of activists who stand vigil at the protest tent 24/7 in a call for nuclear disarmament. The protest has been manned continuously for the last 34 years, Thompson said, including through Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Tonight, however, he’s alone, and the years-long occupation is at risk.

Craig said he had lost contact with his colleague due to relieve him early Saturday morning. He appealed for help in finding another activist to continue the protest, worried he couldn’t ride out the storm on his own.

“If there’s anybody out there that wants to cover a couple of hours from, say, 1 until 3 in the morning … I’d appreciate you coming down to the tent.” Thompson said.

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