Watch Out ISIL, ISIS, Daseh, Putin, Assad, Kim Jong-Un, Brothers Castro, al-Sisi, Rouhani, Al-Bashir, Mugabe, Al Saud, Xi, Et al – here comes “Sir Donald The Lionhearted” Crusader in Chief from Queens, NYC Baby!

Adorned with his very own 21st Century version of England’s Saint George’s Cross emblazoned across his overly puffed up chest – red tie waving across white shirt background, he searches for fire-breathing dragons to slay.

And there are certainly lots of modern day dragons to slay for this ‘Knight of the Boardroom Roundtable’ and his loyal subjects.

At the moment the American public seems to agree about one thing, that our current leadership both Democrats and Republicans alike are ill equipped to meet the overwhelming challenges that threaten our way of life and possibly our very existence.

Great challenges demand great leadership – maybe a Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Churchill, De Gaulle – all who were asked to protect their nations while invaders threatened their homeland.

So the popularity of Sir Donald is no accident, in fact he is the perfect reactionary antidote to what is going on that has the American people so terribly anxious.

He is an ‘outsider’ a ‘businessman’ an ‘entertainer’ a ‘Reality TV Star’ and he has no Washington experience. He is not an intellectual or by any stretch of the imagination at all cerebral.

However, he is a tough no nonsense guy from Queens, New York.

Remember guys from Queens – the Governors Cuomo, Tony Bennett, Howard Stern, Ray Romano, Bernard Madoff, Jon Favreau, Anthony Weiner and in the spirit of transparency, myself – have a certain need to be just a bit larger than life and like to feel like they are Numero Uno.

This unique ‘Queens Character Disorder’ QCD could also lead to Trump’s self imposed extrication from the race to The White House if he feels he’s not greeting enough attention – Trump could take his basketball, stomp off the court and go back to his house in Jamaica Estates, Queens.

Sir Donald has tapped into the ziegiest of the American people – they want America ‘To Be Great Again’ and they feel that at the moment it is not.

They are worried that their children’s lives will be worse then theirs, the American healthcare system is failing apart, their income opportunities are stagnating, they cannot save for their futures, their cities are in near chaos and perhaps most frightening – they are concerned there may not be a future at all unless America and its Allies win the war against all the Islamic extremist threats at home and abroad.

So where does that leave us as we head into a full frontal presidential election cycle?
The voters have been voting for change in the last several elections but don’t seem to be getting what they had hoped for.

In the past, after disgust and disillusionment with their leaders the American people have turned to outsiders.

Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer and Governor from Georgia who seemed like a good choice after the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, which brought down Richard Nixon, is a good example. Although Carter came to Washington with lofty ideas he did not know how to make Washington work.

The voters know that Trump has no Washington experience and they don’t care. In fact, that seems to be a plus.

They think that Trump is a corporate ‘Mad Man’ kind of a guy, who knows how to get what he wants – and he will just Make It Happen.

Trump has captured the imagination and the attention of the Media as well.

He is bankable. And he is surely the most exciting thing in this election cycle – almost all the other candidates seem wooden and unable to really connect with the audience – with the exception of Hillary, Bernie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie – all who know how to garner some attention on their own.

Trump is a media master and stage craft phenomenon and he knows how to keep us tuned in – just ask the news organization who are all vying for an interview to boost their ratings and can only get a ‘lousy phone in’.

So, after Hillary’s latest debate performance, it seems almost certain she is headed to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia pretty much unchallenged.

HRC clearly has more government experience than her potential challenger Sir Donald but that may not matter in November. Since sometimes ‘experience’ can also mean ‘baggage.’

Timing in politics, as in comedy, is often everything. Just ask John McCain if he regrets saying that he did not know much about the economy when the great meltdown of 2008 was underway and Barack Obama stepped into the breach.

Although she endured countless debates in her first presidential attempt, Saint Hillary, with no formidable challengers this time, will arrive less prepared to battle Sir Donald when they meet for their first debate.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former New York Senator and the Democratic Party’s own ‘Champion in Chief’ certainly had a very successful term in office.

However, the amount of time she spent dealing with the monumental blofocating gas bag egos from the Empire State will be invaluable to her when it comes to debating time with, as my Dad liked to call these individuals – ‘Garbage Mouths’.

Unlike a past challenger, Trump is no ‘Little Rickey’ – former NY (R) Rep. Rick Lazio – who during a classic moment in the September of 2000 debate crossed the invisible line and approached HRC at her podium and was quickly dispatched to the ‘shelf of the misfit toys’ never to be heard from again!

So, we will now wait and see if our stalwart crusader falters, blows his cool or lead or comes up short in Iowa or New Hampshire.

If so, QCD may overtake him and he may tell us all to ‘go shove this stinking race, who needs you? You don’t deserve me, anyway.’

We will see if Sir Donald has the staying power and stamina to meet up with Saint Hillary for the Main Event.

The question is how far in a new direction will this electorate go from the present administration when it comes to their real concerns in the wake of the Paris Attacks and San Bernardino.

These latest terrorists attacks have already begun to reverberate politically in the UK and Europe. Prime Minister David Cameron won a vote in Parliament to authorize bombing in Syria – which he did not win in 2013.

And in the latest French Elections it was clear that the voters could very well move to the right in their next presidential election.

There are those candidates here in America who will insert the elements of fear to frame the debate and to serve their cause from this week until Election Day.

Some may call these individuals spineless, nonsensical, fear-mongering, uneducated, raging maniacs…and the beat goes on!

Some may call them powerful, inspired, inspirational, a welcome change…and the beat goes on!

When candidates go so hard to either the right or the left with tough and irresponsible rhetoric in the early days of the primary season, it can come back to haunt them, as witnessed by Mitt Romney in 2012 who basically ‘learned the hard way’ – another Queens expression my Dad used to hit me with.

Romney couldn’t recover in the general election as he seemed very uncomfortable trying to skate back to the center – where most elections are won.

At this point in time, literally everything we thought was true is being turned upside down.

At this point in time, the present racial dynamic in this country has reached a boiling point – not seen in America in over fifty years.

After all, it will be up to the voters themselves to decide who has the leadership qualities and the new ideas that can inspire even ‘the uninspired voters’ to get out and vote.

Our responsibility is awesome as we still have the potential to lead our still great nation to better times.

At this point in time, we may want to reflect on the words of an American president who was the inspiration for a previous generation.

“For in a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his interest in politics hold office; everyone of us is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final analysis, the kind of government we get depends upon how we fulfill those responsibilities. We, the people are the boss, and we get the kind of political leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and deserve.”
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Jon-Christopher Bua is a White House Commentator & US Political Analyst and Contributor to Talk Media News. JC‘s Analysis can be seen on Euronews and News2Share. He also contributes to The Huffington Post UK by way of his Analysis Blogs.