Jon-Christopher Bua News2Share White House Commentator and Political Analyst remembers a very special encounter with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the anniversary of John’s passing. This article first appeared as a Sky News Blog on December 8, 2010.

There are indeed places and faces I remember…all my life.

This was a bleak December night and the beginning of a very long weekend of profound sadness which would ultimately transform into a celebration of music and a special life in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields just a few blocks from my home in a neighborhood I shared with John Winston Lennon.

I heard the news of John’s murder while working as a waiter for a very posh New York catering company at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue.

As with the news of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy’s untimely deaths I was stunned but not at all surprised.

My thought at the time was why do they always get the good ones and leave the bastards go free!

Needless to say as a kid of the sixties the Beatles and their joyful music was just the prescription that helped get many of my generation passed the mourning and out of the depression of JFK’s murder.

The “Fab Four” not only offered us a new and exciting kind of sound that would mark forever our generation, they also offered us an opportunity for hope in ourselves and the future.

We waited with baited breath for the release of each new Beatles  record as if it were Christmas morning over again.

The Beatles – John, Paul, George and Ringo never disappointed and always challenged.

Their music like that of Bach, Mozart, The Gershwins, Cole Porter, Miles Davis and others through time has become part of a brilliance that is joy everlasting.

Just a few months before John’s death I had a most vivid dream that stayed with me throughout most of the next morning.

I dreamed that I literally ran into John and Yoko while leaving Central Park after my morning run.

As was my routine after crossing over what is now known as Strawberry Fields I passed The Dakota where John, Yoko and Sean lived and made my way on 72 nd Street across Columbus Avenue.

In my dream there they were on that corner – the loving couple John and Yoko.

Needless to say, this sleep induced reverie and vision of them stayed with me for a while and naturally began to fade.

Until I made my way again this time awake – finishing my run around The Reservoir, passing Strawberry Fields, across Central Park West, passing The Dakota and on to my favorite ATM cash machine on Broadway and 72nd.

The loving couple – John and Yoko – walking arm and arm….the corner of Columbus and 72nd St.

My dream fulfilled?

Ironically, one of the reasons I believe John chose to live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was because New Yorkers were much too cool or perhaps too jaded or maybe just accepting enough to ever become gawking celebrity hounds or worse, potentially dangerous assailants.

Bearing all this in mind I made my hesitating and halting approach toward them.

I was compelled to share my dream and hoped they would understand my compulsion, forgive me and not think I was a totally invasive creep.

As I began to share my previous night’s dream story they both listened warmly and intently.

When I was through with my detailed account of seeing them the very next day exactly where they were standing now Yoko exclaimed with great enthusiasm something like –  ” Wow this is really amazing John”

I nodding my head enthusiastically replied “Yes! Yes! Isn’t it amazing?”

Yoko and I were bubbling with the thought of this nocturnal-daytime consequence.

After an extended moment of stone cold silence we waited to she how John would react.

If he would say something, anything at all.

Then right there on the corner of Columbus Avenue and 72nd Street John Lennon extending his arm and placing his hand upon my right shoulder, looked me right in eyes and proclaimed with a twinkle – “Well Done”