This video was received by News2Share’s Ford Fischer early this morning for release to the public. News2Share should not be perceived as affiliated with Anonymous in any way.

Following the recent terror attack in Paris that left at least 129 dead, Anonymous has resurfaced its operations against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Anonymous claims that world governments do not scare ISIS, but that it has the manpower to wage a digital war against the Islamic terror organization.

“We will lay waste to every digital tool you use to recruit and fight,” and obscured voice says, apparently to ISIS. “You cannot win.”

“Governments of the world, if you want to defeat ISIS, all you must do is step aside,” the video says, showing Russian president Vladamir Putin, United States President Barack Obama, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on screen.

In the message containing the video, the purported Anonymous member referred News2Share to the hashtags #OpISIS, #OpParis, and #OpIceISIS.

Last year, affiliates of Anonymous’s “OpIceISIS” group sent the following video to News2Share. It is unclear whether the same individuals are responsible for the new video:

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