Students at Georgetown staged a sit-in today to encourage the university president to listen to their list of demands. The demands are as follows:

“1. Changing of the name of Mulledy Hall, the Mediation Center, and McSherry Hall to reflect, center and honor the 272 enslaved Africans who were sold in the transaction and the countless people enslaved to the Jesuits prior to the transaction. We recommend that this can be completed by renaming Mulledy as “Building 272″ and the remaining halls after any persons who were sold.

2. Plaques placed on all known unmarked graves on Georgetown University’s campus honoring the legacy of the enslaved people  who contributed greatly to this campus.

3. Implement an Annual Program that honors the legacy of the enslaved people that continues to educate the Georgetown Community about the role and legacy slavery played in the creation and advancement of this University.

4. Revision of Offical Georgetown Tours to include information about the sites and the history of the sites.

5. Endowment of the recruitment of Black identifying professors equivalent to the Net Present Value of the profit generated from the transaction in which 272 people were sold into bondage.

6. Mandatory training for all professors on how to engage and address issues of identity and diversity in their classrooms.”