Hundreds of Anonymous members gathered today in Washington for the Million Mask March. The march started in front of the Washington monument and then moved to the White House. As the protest continued through DC, police shut down streets on a rolling basis to stop motorists from driving through the demonstration.

No arrests were made at the march and event organizers stressed the importance of peaceful demonstrations. With this said, there was some minor property damage done. One window was broken at the Environmental Protection Agency and many sidewalks were tagged with spray paint.

One tense moment occurred at the food giant Monsanto. Protesters tried to enter the lobby of Monsanto’s headquarters and were pushed back by building security. Ultimately, the DC Metropolitan Police Department was called to break up the stand-off.

The protesters paused as they passed a homeless man early in the afternoon. Crowding around him, many were eager to provide money and snacks. One participant cried, saying she was inspired by her fellow activists.

Video by Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst, Edited by Fischer

Photos by Alejandro Alvarez and Trey Yingst

Special Thanks to Intern Alec Rhodes