Update: As of October 15th, a source close to McCabe says he has been banned from American University Property.

A former employee of American University was arrested for “unlawful entry” Wednesday after paying to enter the campus dining hall.

Jim McCabe, who says he worked at the university for 15 years, was eating lunch while passing out flyers about worker conditions when the incident began.

According to one student, McCabe was approached by university police when he started handing out flyers about worker conditions.

McCabe then explained to the officer that he was eating lunch while passing out flyers and had paid to enter the facilities.

He was ultimately placed under arrest by an American University public safety officer and transferred into the custody of the DC Metropolitan Police Department for transport.

“I think he was given opportunities to leave and didn’t,” said director of American University police Phillip Morse.

Filmed by Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst
Edited by Ford Fischer