*Note, translations submitted by contributor; News2Share has not confirmed the subtitles’ precision.

News2Share contributor Alex Poucher captured this scene in the German city of Guben, where protesters peacefully assembled to criticize Germany’s asylum policies.

“They are condemning German asylum politics saying most refugees who come in to Germany take advantage of the tax payer and only those who come from war zones need the help all others need to be sent home immediately,” Poucher says. “They say that they are destroying the German culture and homeland.”

Poucher further explained the protesters’ position: “They want the money spent on more German issues like health and education and pensions. They claim that young men from Africa are criminals and that the refugee from the Balkans are only here for economical reason therefor have no right to apply for asylum. They want the asylum house that they were protesting at gone. In general they condemn any male refugees saying they should rather fight for their countries instead of fleeing it and that only women and children should be granted asylum.”

Produced and Contributed by Alex Poucher
Translations Contributed by Dee Ree