Bernie Sanders supporters gathered across the country Wednesday to show support for his presidential campaign. In a first-of-its-kind ‘nationwide houseparty’, followers of Sanders hosted events at over 3,500 locations, including houses and bars, to gather momentum for his Democratic primary race.

11791256_10153569736719974_1250576948_oAt a get-together in Washington, D.C., News2Share’s Trey Yingst sat down for a drink with young Sanders supporters to find out why they support his bid for the White House.

Jojo Drake, a rising junior at the UNC-Chapel Hill, said she hoped the effort would inspire others of her age to come out and vote for Bernie next year.

“If you look at the past midterm election, the number of young people who voted was pretty abysmal, Drake said. “I think it’s really important that we get them engaged and get them to care.”

Midway through the event, all attention turned to televisions around the bar as Sanders prepared to address his supporters across the nation.

11831340_10153569730454974_730208667_oSanders spoke about the need to prioritize affordable education, single payer health care, and sustainable environmental practices. He frequently punctuated his points with his catchphrase of “enough is enough” and said he attributed his meteoric rise in popularity to an unsustainable trend of wealth inequality and institutional racism.

Following the live speech, many people in the crowd stressed the event’s importance.

“We are all part of a historic moment,” stated one, “our job is to turn this into a historic movement.”

While fellow Democratic contender Hillary Clinton continues to lead by double digits in the latest polls, Sanders continues to draw thousands of enthusiastic supporters to campaign events.

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