RAW FOOTAGE: Following a ban on peace matches in Turkey, Istanbul’s Gazi District descended into violent clashed between protesters and police. The march ban comes one week after an ISIS-involved suicide bombing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.14.58 PMNews2Share contributor Alex Poucher was there. As the city descended into violence, both sides sustained heavy injuries, including one police officer dead.

“Tear gas, pepper spray/gas, Molotov Cocktails, rocks, bricks, rubber bullets, and fireworks were all used in the chaos,” Alex Poucher told News2Share. “Protesters ended up barricading all the roads in Gazi and made it so the police couldn’t enter their area.”

“I was embedded on the inside with them and got this footage from inside the zone,” he added.

Video Submitted by Alex Poucher
Edited by Alex Poucher and Ford Fischer