On Thursday, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio dropped his proposal to place a temporary cap on the number of for-hire cars or Ubers in New York City. The decision ended weeks of public hearings and protests between De Blasio and Uber.

City officials will look at data provided by Uber and the MTA for four months concerning traffic, congestion, accessibility, and passenger and driver rights. After the investigation, New York City will finalize regulations regarding Uber.

Supporters of De Blasio’s proposal say Uber services have led to heavy traffic and congestion in Manhattan. Since 2011, 25,000 new for-hire vehicles have been added to city streets, which amounts to 2,000 new Uber drivers a month.

Uber created a multi-million dollar media campaign to have the proposal dropped. The company made emotional videos and added a “De Blasio” feature to the app.