British comedian Simon Brodkin showered FIFA President Sepp Blatter with fistfuls of cash today at a press conference intended to outline FIFA’s new reform plan. Posing as North Korea’s soccer ambassador, Brodkin tried to “bribe” Blatter for North Korea to host the 2026 World Cup. Officials pulled Brodkin away, but not before he threw the fake dollar bills in Blatters face and gave him a cheeky “cheers!”

As the press conference continued Blatter outlined FIFA’s new reform policy, which will include the creation of an integrity task force and term limits for future FIFA presidents and officials.

Blatter assured the crowd that “this has nothing to do with football,” and he may be right. Brodkin, who oftentimes parades as one of his most popular alter-egos, Lee Nelson, is notorious for his high-profile pranks.

Last month, Nelson made an appearance at the Glastonbury music festival where he stormed the stage as the headliner, Kanye West, performed his opening song. Nelson wore a “Lee-zus” t-shirt–a spin off of one of West’s popular albums, Yeezus.

In 2014 Brodkin attempted to board a plane with England’s World Cup soccer team before their flight to Brazil, but was dragged away by security officials.

Brodkin’s high-profile pranks have kept him in the media for several years, but as for today’s incident, Blatter was not amused.

“I just called my late mother and she said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s just a lack of education,” he said.

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Sky News