DC Trump Hotel-July 09, 2015-018-1Produced by Trey Yingst
Filmed by Dominick Mortarotti
Photos by Alejandro Alvarez
Article by Ford Fischer

Local officials and activists gathered in Washington, D.C. on Thursday to protest against Donald Trump at the site of the new Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The demonstration came amid outcry over Trump’s statements on immigrants during his campaign announcement speech, where he said many Mexican immigrants “are bringing drugs. They’re rapists.”

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In attendance was D.C. Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown, who strongly opposed Trump’s comments and denounced his presidential run. “We’re here to dump Mr. Trump,” Brown told the crowd. “He’s not fit to do business in this city, and he’s not fit to run for president of the United States.”

Brown noted that other people and corporations have already “dumped” Trump, including Macy’s, NBC, ESPN, and Univision, and urged more to follow. Speaking to News2Share, Brown accused Trump of racism, pointing out his challenging the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate.

“This man is a racist. We don’t want him in our city,” he explained.

Also in attendance were numerous Latino political advocacy and pro-immigration groups, including Latino Victory, CASA, and the Latino Caucus.

While around 150 people attended the protest in front of Trump’s new hotel, a comparatively smaller counter-demonstration across the street voiced support for Trump. According to one Trump advocate present, “Trump’s going to create jobs.”