Video by Quincey Tickner, with footage contributed by Alex Poucher

Greece is seeking a new bailout from the Eurozone hours before it must repay €1.6bn to the International Monetary Fund. Finance ministers from the Eurozone are meeting at 2pm to consider the new bailout.

Greece still says it will go ahead with a referendum on Sunday in which Greek Prime Minister has urged Greeks to vote “no”.

Opinion polls show a majority of Greeks favor holding on to the euro and will vote yes on Sunday. However, tens of thousands of anti-austerity demonstrators continue to protest in Athens, showing the “no” vote is strong.

The question in Sunday’s referendum is as follows:

Should the agreement plan submitted by the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund to the June 25 eurogroup and consisting of two parts, which form their single proposal, be accepted? The first document is titled ‘Reforms for the completion of the Current Program and Beyond’ and the second ‘Preliminary Debt Sustainability Analysis’.

Not approved/NO


Greek citizens continue to form long lines outside of ATMs and banks to get the maximum of €60 out each day. Along with this, pensioners remain anxious and worried about their money. Banks may open their doors next week, however it is very unlikely they will be normally operating for some time.