This month, Destructive Creations released their new PC game, The Hatred, where the player goes on a “genocidal crusade” to kill as many people as possible. The game has sparked controversy both for its violent content and theme. News2Share’s Ford Fischer had an opportunity speak with Destructive Creations about the new game, and the implications of its concept.

News2Share: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with News2share. I really want to get to the heart of your new video game, The Hatred. Simply put, what motivated you to invest your time into this project?

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.23.47 PMDestructive Creations: Not a problem, I’ll be glad to answer your questions. We wanted to create a gaming studio that produces games on our own rules without outside control or limits. We were also tired of current gaming trends and this motivated us a lot to start Hatred project which is a big middle finger towards politeness and artsy style in gaming.

N2S: Other games, such as Grand Theft Auto, also boast open-world features and the ability to commit mass-murder. However, yours seems to be the only example of one where the playable character’s only motivation is hatred, and their only goal is to kill. Are there any other examples or inspirations, or do you believe this is the first game of its kind?

DC: The biggest influence came from first Postal as our founder Jarosław was a huge fan of it. Hatred can be called a successor to the first Postal and basically the main idea was to make a darker and more scary version of original RWS studio game.

N2S:  You wrote that “These days, when a lot of games are heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct and trying to be some kind of higher art, rather than just an entertainment – we wanted to create something against trends.” Can you expand on this? How is the culture of political correctness affecting the gaming industry? Do you believe your game will effectively combat that trend or simply offer an alternative to gamers who are looking for something different?

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.23.26 PMDC: After a longer period of time we realized that we don’t want to see more artsy, polite, and colorful games in which gamer is lead all the time by the hand. Also we noticed that there are groups of gamers that aren’t happy with what industry is serving them. So we decided to make Hatred, something that will shock and provide features that were a base for pleasure in gaming (back in the 90’s for example).

N2S: Yours appears to be the only game to receive an AO rating from the ESRB without sexuality or real-world gambling contributing to it, other than Manhunt 2. By some measures, this would give The Hatred the status of being the most violent or disturbing game ever made, in the eyes of the rating board. Do you agree with this assessment? Why do you believe you were rated AO rather than the much more liberally applied M rating?

DC: We would feel better with M rating – it would help us to enter consoles market for example. And it’s true, we don’t agree with this rating as the game isn’t as violent as it was prematurely rated, it does not have sexual content, so M would fit here perfectly. ESRB rated the game based only on the gameplay videos, they didn’t play it at all. It’s the matter of game context I guess and reviewers being oversensitive about what Hatred shows. When the game was released, it came out that it’s not as violent and gruesome as the industry and media call it. It’s funny to see how wrong reviewers are and it is unfair for us that our game was treated worse than many more violent games with M rating.

preorder_grafaN2S: Who is the target audience for your game? Do you believe the player will sympathize or identify with the main character, or do you expect the thrill to come from doing something out of character for oneself? 

DC: The game is made for fans of twin-stick shooters and shooters in general. Those players who enjoy dynamic, tactical action and destruction, will also find a lot of fun in Hatred.

Sympathy/thrill – it all depends on player. Some will play Hatred just out of curiosity, some will want to unleash the anger, some will want to find out if they have enough courage to be the Antagonist. It really depends on the attitude you have for the game.

N2S: With mass shootings in the news frequently over the past several years, do you believe that The Hatred will face further backlash upon its release? In particular, are you concerned it could be blamed for mass killings?

DC: When people are looking for a scapegoat in shootings or violence, they always turn towards computer games. It’s a dull logic. There is no evidence that games directly cause the violence, what’s more, games help to unleash some anger in unreal worlds without hurting anyone. How could you explain the wars, terror and violence in the years when games don’t even exist? The scale of violence problem was always the same through the ages, and games did not have any impact on that, because how could they?

We wouldn’t feel blame. We provide the entertainment not a tool that you can use directly to cause the violence. Only a disturbed mind can use a game as a trigger, a normal person would never do something like that.

N2S: To gamers interested in playing, where and when can they get a copy of The Hatred? 

DC: At the moment game is only available for PC Windows in digital version. We released it on Steam and Desura platforms.

You may also find the game in various digital stores (including the one on our website) where you can also buy Steam CD-Keys.

We don’t know yet if we will release a boxed version or if we will able to show up with Hatred on consoles. Time will tell.