Today hundreds of climate change activists gathered on the National Mall to demand that David Koch resign from the Smithsonian Museum of National History Advisory Board. Picketing in front of the Smithsonian Castle, where the board was meeting, the protesters chanted “Kick Koch off the board!”

Lise Van Susteren, co-founder of the Interfaith Action on Climate Change, is on the advisory board of the Natural History Museum and believes that this cause deserves more attention.

“We are in a crisis state,” Van Susteren said referring to global warming. “We need action now, and we need those profiting from other people’s misery to get out of the way.”

The activists delivered a petition with over 430,000 signatories to the board, declaring that “it is time to get climate deniers out of museums.”

Afterwards, the protestors marched around to the Museum of Natural History where several speakers engaged the crowd and described climate change as a moral issue.

David Koch, the focus of the protest, is the fourth richest American and famous for championing conservative causes. According to Greenpeace, Koch denies human caused climate change as a need for concern. As a board member, he funded the Hall of Human origins in the Museum of Natural History, which activists say depicts climate change as a natural phenomenon with human benefits.

Produced by Ford Fischer and Dominick Mortarotti
Article by Dominick Mortarotti
Edited by Ford Fischer