Hackers calling themselves the “Illyrian Hacktivists” submitted the following statement to News2Share earlier today. They claim to have hacked svastara.rs, a trade website, where they left a message on the site’s homepage. The website appears to be fully functioning now, but earlier today it read:

We are Albanian hackers … Hello people. Kosovo was , is and allways it will be Albanian , and not Serbia .Serbia has his own country , but not Kosovo ,Serbitch’s are just slavic people . Albanian are Illyrians . In secretly , Serbia , Russia , China and Greece has accepted Kosovo as independent .In secretly , the Great Albania almost exists .In secretly , the Balkan map is changed .And now it’s time to tell you in public , that we are Albanians , we are Illyrians .We have one country (Ethnic Albania/Natural Albania) , we have one blood and we have one language ,Albanian .Yes, it will come the day , borders will melt and for all Albanians , one homeland will remain , Eagles will be engraved on every rock and stone , will flutter over centuries , only this flag (Albanian) .We won’t forget what happened from 1996 to 1999 in Kosovo .We won’t forget what happened from 2000 to 2001 in Ilirida .We won’t forget what happened from 1944 to 1945 in Çameria .Long live Albanians , long live Ethnic Albania , Illyria , Allah is One. Greetings From : IllyrianHacktivists

The group’s Facebook page attributes their work to a total of about eleven anonymous hackers, and their own website  appears to be currently dysfunctional.

The group submitted this screenshot as well to News2Share, showing how a Serbian website would appear after falling victim to the group (click image to see in full size):

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