Produced by Quincey Tickner

On Monday, close to 800 people marched peacefully through the town of McKinney, Texas demanding that a police be dismissed from his position follow a video that was posted online last week.

Officer Corporal David Eric Casebolt was seen on video pulling his gun on a group of black teenagers and wrestling them to the ground on Saturday while responding to a complaint of a noisy party at a community swimming pool.Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.25.30 PM

The protesters walked from an elementary school to the swimming pool carrying signs demanding an end to police brutality and calling for police accountability. Some signs read “My skin color is not a crime” and “don’t tread on our kids.”

A day after the incident, the McKinney Police Department held a press conference to assure the McKinney community that the officer was being investigated.

“I am committed to a complete and thorough investigation into this incident… And the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” said McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley announced.

Many of the demonstrators came from outside the town of McKinney to protest. At the same time, more than 150 people were part of a counter-protest on a nearby corner, waving flags and holding signs that said “Back the Blue.”

Some people challenged the counter protesters who supported the officers, but the demonstration remained peaceful.

The video has raised concerns that are being investigated and civil rights leaders in McKinney are calling for an investigation by the US justice department.