Today thousands of protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against the assembly of the G7, a group of seven major world economies. News2Share contributor Alex Poucher was on the scene in Germany where 22,000 police officers were deployed to control the riots. Poucher had this to say about the protester’s motivation, and the escalation in violence:

[The protesters] do not like how seven world leaders are coming together for closed door discussions without the public being able to listen in. The demonstration today was registered and remained peaceful until they got to a point where the police blocked the protesters and told them they were not allowed to continue marching. The registered protest agreement stated that the protesters were going to be able to march 200 meters past the point where they were stopped. After the police stopped, violence escalated as protesters attempted to continue marching by force. Officers deployed tear gas, pepper spray, smoke bombs and even fire extinguishers.

Poucher says he will continue to remain on the scene of the clashes over the coming days, where he says he does not expect the conflict to end easily.