Submitted by Pooja Patel

David Lett is a D.C. native, raised under the wings of his religious Catholic grandmother. Immediately after high school, David joined the seminary, making his way to Rome and picking up a minor in Chemistry a long the way. Shortly before taking his vows, David stepped away from the Church and underwent a life changing self-discovery. Twenty-one years ago, Lena Lett, David’s drag queen persona, was born. Lena spent her early years in D.C.’s gay community advocating for gay rights and educating people in the wake of the HIV/AIDS hysteria. He never lost his faith. In December 2011, David was ordained amongst his drag queen friends, said to have “dressed to the nines,” impressing even the bishop. To this day, David continues to serve the D.C. community as a priest and emcee, spreading the message of self-acceptance and delivering some world-class shade to his weekly drag show audience at TOWN.

This film was nominated for a 2015 Visions Award.