In Virginia, guns play a role larger than sport, self-defense, and hunting. For many Virginians, they are part of a culture and tradition. In Virginia, people may either carry their weapons openly, or concealed. Ed Levine is an open carry advocate, who does both.
Levine is a leader in the open carry community. He leads the groups Virgnia Open Carry and DC Carry. He is also an executive member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. In this documentary, News2share’s Ford Fischer joins him at an open carry barbeque, where like-minded Virginians open carry handguns and celebrate their freedom to carry at the local barbeque.

Other appearances include:
Gregg Nelson, owner of Urban Barbeque in Ashburn
Eugene Delgaudio, an elected official in Loudon Country, Virginia
Judy Rudek, an NRA-certified instructor at KYS Training, LLC
Jared Angel, a gun owner who chooses not to open carry

Produced by Ford Fischer