Photos contributed by Ejaz Ahmad Malikzada

Thousands of Afghan residents marched through the capital city of Kabul Tuesday, demanding justice for a young woman who was beaten to death last week.

The 28-year-old woman named Farkhunda, whose death sparked the rallies, was killed after being falsely accused of burning pages of the Koran.

More than 2,000 people were in attendance at the protest as emotions were high and chants were loud. Some marchers wore red face paint, while other held signs showing the bloodied face of Farkhunda.

The demonstration was the second in a series of marches planned this week in the capital city.

Ejaz Ahmad Malikzada, a student at the American University of Afghanistan, is part of a team organizing another march on Thursday.

“Farkhunda was brave enough to stand against superstition, and we dare to follow her and carry her legacy,” Malikzada said.

According to local media reports, Farkhunda was beaten with sticks, run over by a car and burned to death. The students organizing the march Thursday hope to raise more awareness in the international community.

“This is the community of intellectuals who believe in achieving a world free of extremism, violence and superstition.”