Potential 2016 presidential candidates spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference of 2015 on Friday.

Rand Paul spoke to the CPAC about limiting the size and intrusiveness of government and what he believes America needs in the next president. He has been a popular contender at previous CPAC events, where he has won the last two straw polls for favorite presidential candidates.

Rick Santorum, a former presidential candidate and 2016 contender, described his vision for leadership as including policy that “stands up for the little guy,” in the philosophy that he calls “Blue Collar Conservatism.”

Donald Trump spoke to CPAC, suggesting himself as the most qualified presidential candidate. He described that while lacking experience as a politician, his time as a businessman has exposed him to politics, foreign relations and economics. He added that he would take a strong approach to foreign policy and immigration, which he sees as unmatched in the Republican Party.

Filmed and edited by Ford Fischer