Today protesters gathered in front of the Chamber of Commerce to protest against the role that corporate wealth plays in politics. Specifically, the protest marks the anniversary of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which is still being called into question by activists today.

The protest was assembled by an organization called Public Citizen, and gained the attention of many others, such as the Coffee Party. Coffee Party president Debilyn Molineaux spoke exclusively to News2share about her organization, and their fight against big money in politics. See here.

Additionally, Democratic congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota spoke to a crowd in front of the Chamber of Commerce. He discussed a piece of legislation called the “Protect Democracy from Corporate Criminals Act” which would prevent corporations convicted of crimes from making political campaign contributions. He also spoke exclusively to News2share about this new bill.

Overall, the event yielded about 200 activists despite a Wednesday mid-day schedule and heavy snowfall.

Produced by Ford Fischer