Some Ferguson residents are using drugs before rioting, leading to an increase in violence and looting.

Large protests have often been followed by looting of drug stores in a community dealing with issues ranging from gun violence to drug addiction.

During protests in August and earlier this week, a Walgreens was looted and many prescription drugs were taken.

“They came out to where they protested, and handed that s*** out like skittles,” one man said.

The man, who wishes only to be referred to as “G,” believes that drugs have helped to fuel the violence and unrest.

Other residents of Ferguson are disappointed in the drug use and violence and hope the community will rebuild in the near future.

Marshaun Mcke, 19, who lives in Ferguson, believes that violence and drug use was not the right way to get a message across because it destroyed business unrelated to the case of Michael Brown.

“I didn’t think they were going to go that far to burn down a bunch of businesses that I go to, I was kind of pissed,” Mcke said.

Filmed by Trey Yingst
Edited by Ford Fischer