News2Share reporter and producer Trey Yingst was arrested late Sunday night outside local police department in Ferguson, Mo.

Yingst was standing on a public sidewalk outside the department when he was taken into custody.
First footage of the arrest was seen in a Vine by reporter Ryan J. Reilly when Reilly posted the video to his Twitter account.

Producer Ford Fischer has been in contact with St. Louis County jail, and is waiting for Yingst to be booked before seeing if there is a bail.

Yingst was arrested despite a district court order allowing the documentation and filming of Ferguson protests.

Update: As of 3:03 AM, Ford Fischer was able to call and confirm that Yingst is currently at the jail and will be released pending a check for other warrants. News2share can say undoubtedly that there are no other warrants so Yingst should be released by sunrise.

Update 2: As of 3:36 AM, Trey Yingst was able to call News2share to confirm that he has been released and charged with “unlawful assembly.”

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