The Healey International Relief Foundation has been aiding relief efforts in Sierra Leone since 2005. Following the Ebola outbreak, their efforts have been used more than ever to combat this epidemic. On Tuesday, September 16th, 2 prominent members of the Sierra Leone community were invited by Senator Tom Harkins to testify on a joint senate hearing about the Ebola Crisis in West Africa. Peter Konteh, Executive director of Caritas in Freetown, and Ismael Charles, former child solider of the Blood Diamonds war and HIRF ground project manager, spoke to the Senate about worsening economic, security, and health concerns and conditions in their homeland, Sierra Leone.

News2share’s Taylor Kinzler had the opportunity to interview these gentlemen following their time on Capitol Hill this past week, and learn more about their efforts to increase awareness and relief efforts for the citizens of Sierra Leone.

Produced by Taylor Kinzler, Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst
Filmed by Yingst and Fischer
Edited by Fischer