The “hacktivist” group Anonymous sent this video to News2share late last night, apparently declaring a cyber-war against ISIS, also known as the “Islamic State.” ISIS has been known for its sophisticated digital media campaign, and is estimates to have tens of thousands of social media accounts online. Some members of Anonymous, taking interest in News2share’s reporting on the ISIS issue, reached out anonymously and explained that they intend to wage a cyber-war against ISIS by hacking into and sabotaging their social media accounts and other electronic resources. They then sent this video to us to serve as their press release. At the end, they promote #OPICE2014, apparently a hashtag trend they’d like to begin. They have also been using #OpIceISIS.

The anonymous contributor originally titled the video “Flaming ISIS.” The video itself sports several images seemingly ripped from online, as well as several scenes from ISIS’s recent “Flames of War” trailer, which asserted that “flames of war [are] coming soon.”

News2share received this video as a contribution, and in no way should be construed as endorsing or affiliating with Anonymous.