This Thursday, American University hosted the first debate in the 2014 mayoral race. Democratic Nominee Muriel Bowser and two independent candidates, David Catania and Carol Schwartz, debated mainly on education and development. NBC reporter Tom Sherman moderated, while online columnist Clinton Yates and WAMU’s Patrick Madden and Kavitha Cardozo served as the media panel. The debate got fired up primarily between nominee Bowser and candidate Catania, who at times found themselves yelling over each-other as they questioned each other’s records and intentions.

Following the debate, Democratic Nominee Muriel Bowser speaks to the press about her plans for schools. She also reiterates her confidence in the support for her campaign, and her position on the decriminalization of marijuana and intentions to vote yes on the upcoming marijuana initiative.


DC independent mayoral candidate David Catania says that democrats use “intimidation and cajoling” to get votes. He goes on to describe how his progressive independent campaign runs on ideas, and encourages people to visit to see his positions in greater depth.