American University Students for Justice in Palestine is a student-run organization that works in solidarity with the Palestinian people and supports what they see as their right to self-determination. On the night of Thursday, September 4, students gathered on the American University quad to participate in a peace vigil for Gaza. The event was to pay respect and mourn the over 2100 Gazan deaths from “Operation Protective Edge.” Participants read the names of those who lost their lives as a way to memorialize them.

Participants gathered in a circle as the names of those killed in Gaza were read off. Additionally, each participant held a photograph of a deceased person, which listed the date and the event in which they were killed.

AU student and vigil participant Hannah Ross said, “This event, it wasn’t meant to be political or polarizing or anything, it’s really just to commemorate those lives that are lost.”

Produced and Filmed by Lauren Clemence and Merdie Nicole Nzanja
Edited by Lauren Clemence